Colourful, flutes and kindness

Peru is one of the countries that stole our heart with her friendliness, heritage and colours. From the capital of Lima, to the Canyon du Colca, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the glorious lake Titicaca. Lot’s to see, discover and enjoy!

Quick tips Peru

Public transport is good in Peru, although the road safety isn’t always that great. Be prepared for some extra travel time here and there and take a backpack with you instead of a suitcase. Life is cheap in Peru, there is a lot of accommodation available, but book ahead if you would like to stay near the Machu Picchu. Try some local specialities, enjoy a drink on one of the multiple squares around the city and villages and have a chat with one of the locals to discover the local things to do and see.

Be extra cautious with tap water and food if travelling with kids. The Peruvians are in general very friendly with kids, especially when they are blond, and have tall parents!


Travel photo’s Peru

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