Cambodia, your beauty is amazing! From the old, ancient temples to the colourful and noisy markets. Your food is incredible, your nature is overwhelming and your people, o your people are kind, friendly and welcoming!

Travel with kids

A country where you can travel to and through with children, to teach them the essential basics and beauties of life, to broaden their horizons and expand their curiosity. Of course, be cautious with (raw) food and water, teach them the general stranger-danger rules, but above that teach them to soak up life and embrace the experiences.

Angkor Wat

Be willing to spend at least three weeks in Cambodia, so you have plenty of time to visit the ancient Ankor Wat and all the other beautiful surrounding temples. Go on different times during the day, enjoy the light of sunrise and sunset to experience the magic of the colours, shapes and surroundings of the temples.

Take the boat from Siem Reap to Battambang and meet the local life outside of the tourist areas. See how you trade on water, how you can move a house (including pig pen and rice field) with a boat and enjoy the curiosity of the numerous kids in and around the water.

The painful past…

Visit the killing caves close to Battambang, take a moment to stand still to realise what a painful past Cambodia has experienced. Have a chat with the friendly monks on top of the mountain, soak in the local country life (enjoy the lotus flowers) and get covered in Cambodian snow (the famous red dust of Cambodia).

Take a couple of days as well to discover Phnom Penh, her beauty reflected in the palace and other historic buildings and her sadness by visiting the killing fields and the Tuol Sleng museum. Enjoy the bustling environment of the markets, get tempted to buy some Khmer silk and sit down at one of the local cafes, have a cuppa and enjoy life passing by.

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