Transport rules…

Transport differences

The joy of travelling around in countries that have little to no rules regarding road transport, is that you find all those amazing ways of transportation. From in this case a truck, with no front window and so heavily loaded that the driver had to dug down in order to be able to see the road, to moto bikes drivers with pigs (sometimes still alive) in between their legs of bags full of gold fishes stuck to a pole on the back of their moto bike. A joy to watch, overwhelmed by amazement of how they ever have been able to a.) come up with the idea and b.) made it in one peace to their destination (as I assume that this isn’t their first time doing this).

No rules for transport

It seems that even the for attention screaming police officer on the round about is pretty happy with the fact that the traffic is moving, as yes you should be able to fit 3 rows of cars on a 2 lane round about. Who cares how heavy your load is or how it has been tied up on your truck or moto bike, as long as you don’t loose your load onto the road. Because that will give the police officer more work on his already busy and chaotic Tuesday morning.




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