Mount Wilson (Australia – NSW)

Pic 1At least once a year we drive up to the small town of Mount Wilson. Well hidden in the Blue Mountains, and, for us, a 1,5 hours drive. This little town comes alive once a year during the Autumn Festival. And autumn shows herself in her full glory during this weekend. You can, of course, go another weekend as well, which makes it easier to find a parking spot and have a little wander around the streets. Keep your eyes out for the red mushrooms, yes they have the white dots, and enjoy all the different colours trees.

IMG_4178We picked a day that the sun did not show, but even then it is simply beautiful, We wandered around the town, went down to the Chestnut Farm at the end of the town towards the picnic area. The kids loved the chestnut experience, and we enjoyed their high pitch voices in the enormous backyard. Gloves are supplied by the owners of the farm, and there are even toilet facilities, if needed. Challenge accepted to get the full 2 kilo’s roasted!

It is a short walk, from the main street next to the Fire Station, to the Boronia Point lookout, which gives you a wide view on the valley behind. There are several short and long hiking options available from this point. These trails are less walked, so make sure you inform someone about your hiking plans before descending into the valley!

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