Travel with kids – their perception

The lessons you learn when travelling with kids…

We are blessed with two adventurous kids, who love to travel and discover new places. One thing we have learned is, that children look to the world in a complete different way as we do as grown ups. They have no issues with different lifestyles, and here I am talking about dealing with begging children, or children who try to sell you handmade or china made souvenirs. They see kids…. as kids. Kids you can play a game of soccer with, or play dolls or cards.

And the questions? They save these for when they are back in the quiet moments with us. They want to know why those kids are asking for money, or why they are selling things in the streets. They wonder where all the dust and dirt come from and where their parents are. And we simply explain to them that the world is bigger than Australia, that people live different lives and that not all kids have the same advantages as they have at home. Do we tell them that they are lucky that they are not born in a third world country? Yes and no. Yes, as they are able to go to school, develop themselves and don’t have to be afraid that there will be no food or no house to sleep in. No, as we believe that every culture has values that are great to keep and that we in Australia (and the rest of the Western World) can learn from those values!



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